Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Net Worth:

Real Name: Kevin Darnell Hart
Birthday: July 6, 1979 (39 years old)
Source of Worth: Actors, Business, Comedians
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Tv Producer, Writer, Comedian
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Birth Place: Philadelphia, PA
Martial Status: Married
Children: 2
Education: Community College of Philadelphia, Temple University


Kevin Darnell Hart was born July 6, 1979 on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a popular American comedian, actor and producer. Kevin was raised by a single mother and his brother, Robert. His dad was in and out of his life due to drug addiction and jail time.

Kevin Hart found his first big break in 2000 when we was cast by Judd Apatow to be in a TV series called Undeclared. He was then offered roles on the big screen in movies like Scary Movie 3 and Little Fockers.

Kevin Harts net worth has accumulated very fast in the last few years. He has gone from $10 million to $80 million in as little as 6 years. This is due to the hard work and numerous movie roles that he has been cast in like The 40 Year Old Virgin, This is the End and Grudge Match.

kevin hart net worth 2016

Ride Along and Ride Along 2 accumulated $80 million dollars alone making his 2015-2016 year a $87 million dollar year.

His popularity in American has just reached a high point when we was named the highest paid comedian in 2016 as well as the record year.

Lets go a little more in depth with Kevin Harts net worth:

Comedy: Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Harts comedy career is his main source of income and net worth. Kevin has been in over 70 films to date and those came with 11 award wins and 17 nominations.

He got his comedy start in Philapdelihpa where he would perform stand-up at amateur nights for free. His very first show was at the Laff House in Philadelphia where he went by the name of Lil Kev.  The show went horribly wrong and someone even threw a piece of chicken at him.

But as time went on, Kevin worked harder and found his comedic style. He went out tour in 2009 with his comedy act called “I’m a Grown Little Man”, followed by a string of very comedy successful tours including Laugh at my Pain and Let Me Explain.

In his comedy tours, Kevin generated an amazing income boosting his net worth to over $10 million in 2010.


Kevin Hart Net Worth By Year

Year Net Worth
Current Net Worth $78,000,000
2016 Net Worth $78,000,000
2015 Net Worth $64,000,000
2014 Net Worth $48,000,000
2013 Net Worth $37,000,000
2012 Net Worth $27,000,000
2011 Net Worth $19,000,000
2010 Net Worth $10,000,000


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