Mark Cuban Net Worth

Mark Cuban Net Worth

Net Worth:

Real Name: Mark Cuban
Birthday: July 31, 1958 (60 years old)
Source of Worth: Business, CEO
Profession: Entrepreneur
Residence: Dallas, TX
Birth Place: Pittsburgh, PA
Martial Status: Married
Children: 3
Education: Indiana University


Mark Cuban is an investor and a businessman owning different companies besides owning sharks for the reality ABC show, Shark Tanks. He also wrote a book on How to win at the Sports of a business describing his own life events.

In 1982 he moved to Dallas and began working as a bartender and later as a salesperson. He was fired for trying to proceed to a client of the company for a business of his own.

In 1995 he along with his friends, from Indiana started Audionet which developed into by the year 1998. Due to this venture, he came on the list of Forbes, on Number 211 as one of the world’s richest people worth 2.6 billion. His company has over the years bought many movie theaters as well as different satellite shows.

In 2004, he announced that he shall work on the series, The Benefactor, which was a reality TV series that had 16 contestants trying to win $1 Million but the show could not excel due to poor ratings.

He has worked for ventures in the software and networking industries being the owner of various being the owner of various search engines and companies that deliver rich media including both video and audio.

mark cuban net worth 2016

In 2006, he invested in a website that uncovered fraud and misinformation in different companies, while in 2008 he started an online portal for overseeing the US Government’s financial institutions.

He has up to now invested in 109 Shark Tank episodes, with $19.4 Million. He has also joined the show that caused the ratings of the show to increase immensely. He also owns Magnolia Pictures that have been distributing different films over the years.

He has also joined an investment with to attempt and acquire the NHL’s Penguins. In early 2016, he also purchased an ownership stake at in the Professional Futsal League.

He has formally endorsed Hillary Clinton and began the Fallen Patriot Fund to help families of soldiers killed or injured during the War in Iraq.

Mark Cuban Net Worth By Year

Year Net Worth
Current Net Worth $3,300,000,000
2016 Net Worth $3,300,000,000
2015 Net Worth $3,100,000,000
2014 Net Worth $3,000,000,000
2013 Net Worth $2,800,000,000
2012 Net Worth $2,700,000,000
2011 Net Worth $2,600,000,000
2010 Net Worth $2,500,000,000


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