Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Net Worth:

Real Name: Michael Gerard Tyson
Birthday: June 30, 1966 (52 years old)
Source of Worth: Actors, Athletes
Profession: Athlete, Tv Personality, Endorsements, Voice Actor
Residence: Seven Hills, CA
Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY
Martial Status: Married
Children: 7
Education: Gardena High School


Mike Tyson, otherwise known as Malik Abdul Aziz, was born on June 30, 1996. He is former American boxer who fought from the years 1985 to 2005. He started his professional career at the age of 18 in the year 1985. Mike was the youngest boxer in his time having won WBA, WBC, and IBF heavyweights at the young age of only 20 years. He also held the record for the undisputed heavyweight championship for 9 times.

However, in 1990, Tyson lost his titles to Buster Douglas. And then he defeated Donovan Ruddock twice in 1991. After completing in jail time of 6 years for committing rape, he returned to the ring and fought several comeback matches in the year 1995.

Tyson received the titles from WBA and WBC. He also joined the club of big names like Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, for getting back their heavyweight championship after losing it. And in the same year, he lost his WBC title. In 2002 he fought again for the same championship and lost by a knockout at the age of 35. Thereafter, in 2006 he retired from boxing after consistent knockouts.

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He was considered one of the best of his times. Being known for his aggressive style boxing, accuracy and speed. Mike was highlighted on TV in the year 1986.

By 1990, he started having personal and professional troubles. Tyson was losing shockingly to his contenders. He is married three times and fathered 8 children, one of which is deceased. Despite earning $300 million in his career and $30 million for several fights, he declared being bankrupt in 2003 and news reported him being indebted of $30 million. During the peaks of his career he earned around $300 million, but due to legal issues, his wealth greatly reduced and is left to just $3 million.

Mike Tyson Net Worth By Year

Year Net Worth
Current Net Worth $3,000,000
2016 Net Worth $3,000,000


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