Tom Brady Net Worth

Tom Brady Net Worth

Net Worth:

Real Name: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.
Birthday: August 3, 1977 (41 years old)
Source of Worth: Athletes
Profession: Athlete, Endorsements
Residence: Chesnut Hill, MA
Birth Place: San Mateo, CA
Martial Status: Married
Children: 3
Education: Junípero Serra High School, University of Michigan


Tom Brady is an American football quarterback. He plays for New England Patriots of National Football League. He started football when he was in school and later he played football in college for University of Michigan year 1995-1999. He has won two MVP Awards and four Super Bowl championships for New England Championships. He is also listed in People Magazine’s ’50 most beautiful people in 2002’.

The New England Patriots took him in after an injury to their player, Drew Bledsoe. Tom played as quarterback initially and proved himself as a strong player and led the team to victory in that year’s Super Bowl, in 2001.  2003 he led the team to yet another win in Super Bowl XXXVIII. Here he received Super Bowl MVP award.

In 2004 New England Patriots won again against Philadelphia Eagles. By 2005 Brady had signed a contract with the team. In 2008 his knee injury took a toll on his performance for which he was out of that year’s season. Soon after recovery, he signed another contract with the Patriots in 2010.

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In 2011 Tom led the team to victory yet another time in the Super Bowl XLVI. For Super Bowls season in 2012, the team had a close game with San Francisco 49ers and ultimately lost to them.

In the year 2014 season he was accused of violating the rules of the games by deflating the footballs, for which he was briefly suspended later in 2015 but his team filed a lawsuit against it and judge gave the decision in his favor.  Despite all the new he focused on the games and led the team to victory. And thus he became the third quarterback to win four championships and second for winning three MVP awards.

Tom Brady Net Worth By Year

Year Net Worth
Current Net Worth $209,000,000
2016 Net Worth $209,000,000
2015 Net Worth $180,000,000
2014 Net Worth $161,000,000
2011 Net Worth $107,000,000


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