Tyga Net Worth

Tyga Net Worth

Net Worth:

Real Name: Micheal Ray Stevenson
Birthday: November 19, 1989 (29 years old)
Source of Worth: Rappers
Profession: Rapper
Residence: Calabasas, CA
Birth Place: Compton, CA
Martial Status: Commiteed
Children: 1
Education: Gardena High School


Before becoming widely known as Tyga, Micheal Ray Stevenson was born on November 19, 1989, in Compton, California. He comes from Jamaican and Vietnamese ancestry.

In 2008 he began his music venture with his first independent album, No Introduction. Songs from the same album were featured in popular video games like Need for Speed. Before this, he also released several mix tapes in between such as Young on Probation which got him a good response, enough to get him a record deal with Young Money Entertainment.

Careless World: Rise of the Last King was his second studio album and with each hit and well acclaimed single, one by one, Tyga rose to fame. Collaborating with well-known names like Chris Brown and 2 Chainz. His third studio album was released in 2013, which featured guest appearances from singers like Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Future, and Justin Beiber.

Because of some problems with the record label Tyga released his next album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty exclusively on Spotify. He is also familiar with reality TV as he has a TV show of his own namely Kingin’ with Tyga aired on July 25, 2015. In September 2016, Kanye West announced signing Tyga to his G.O.O.D Music label.

tyga net worth 2016

During his life, Tyga has been in the spotlight for controversy. While his relationship with dating Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna created quite a buzz on mainstream media. He also remained in and out of the spotlight for many other reasons, for his jewelry getting robbed and some legal issues regarding taxes or for failure to pay back jewelers.

He has faced money problems since the start of 2015. Known for spending extravagantly. The money problems range from unpaid rent to unpaid taxes.

Tyga Net Worth By Year

Year Net Worth
Current Net Worth $2,000,000
2016 Net Worth $2,000,000
2015 Net Worth $3,000,000
2014 Net Worth $2,600,000
2013 Net Worth $2,100,000
2012 Net Worth $1,800,000
2011 Net Worth $1,600,000
2010 Net Worth $1,500,000


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